‘The winning poem took my breath away with its rhythmic energy and immediacy of drawing us in. We are ferried along at a pace intuited with touch and sound, vivid imagery and right up the minute contemporary life equally balanced with the ecology of the countryside. A fantastic poem.’  Spelt Poetry Competition judge Maggie Harris September 2021

Here are some poems you can read online where they were originally published. Just click on the underlined name of the poem.

Somerset Soundtrack (awarded first prize in the Spelt Poetry Competition 2021)

Egg time (winner of the Poetry Society member’s competition on the theme of Youth)

St Mary’s Street Bakery (Poetry and Covid)

View from the rough (Poetry and Covid)

Groundsman (Poetry and Covid)

Company of Trees (Poetry and Covid)

Host (Words for the Wild)

Calling out the fathoms (Atrium Poetry)

The Order of the Holy Paraclete moves next door (Atrium Poetry)

Uncle Hagop in Stratford-upon-Avon (Atrium Poetry)

Slow Movement (London Grip)

Moon Mother (Ink Sweat and Tears)

Morning (As Above, So Below issue 1 page 11.)

Father Tree (As Above, So Below issue 3 page 21.)